2019 BIVOUAC Marfa event.jpg

Monday 14 October 2019, 9am to 5pm
Crowley Theater, Marfa, Texas
Land Arts of the American West
Texas Tech University

To bivouac is to set up temporary camp—without tents or cover—in unfamiliar terrain. BIVOUAC: Marfa is a day long symposium and public dialog for students to test emerging bodies of work at mid semester. Following on the heels of Chinati Weekend, this is a chance to percolate and generate new ideas in one of the most inspiring sites for the intersection art, architecture, landscape, and ambition, located in West Texas.

Lively 8 minute-long multimedia presentations will be interspersed with moderated feedback and discussion.

BIVOUAC: Marfa is hosted by Land Arts of the American West at Texas Tech University, a transdisciplinary field program based in the College of Architecture dedicated to expanding awareness of the intersection of human construction and the evolving nature of our planet.

“Making Driving Through There Enough” by Maggie Mitts.
“Flatland” by Lia Forslund & Franek Wardynski.
“Learning from Lubbock: liminal landscapes” by Bobbie Brown, Noémie Despland Lichtert, Jonathan Lalinde, Juan Moya, Levi Rey, Darbie Roach, Brendan Sullivan Shea, & Joshua Sheek.
“h:our less.” by Isaac Arzate.
“Unity” by Caleb Randall.
“Cognitive Dissonance: Scales & Perceptions” by Daisy Limon.
”MICROBI[H]OME” by Skylar Perez.
“hello dust!” by Ilia Reyes & Carl Spartz.
“Searching for Elsewhere” by Barbara Pearsall.
“Traces of Time” by Romina Cardiello.
“EARTH-BODY” by Ashley Condina.
“CLIMATE CAMP” by Dannette Aguirre Tizatl, David Autry, Hannah Brown, Jonathan Calix, Peyton Fikac, Deborah Garcia, Lainey Garner, K’leigh Guzman, Sara Hackett, Cole Howell, Destiny Marcum, Miranda Mcalister, Allison Orr, John Reyes, & Craytonia Williams.
“Speculation” by Adrian Reyna.
“Spectre” by Franek Wardynski & Lia Forslund.

Respondents will include: Katherine Bash, Noémie Despland Lichtert, Dora Epstein Jones, Deborah Garcia, Kellie Flint, Brendan Sullivan Shea, Ingrid Schaffner, Chris Taylor, and Jim Williamson.

Please, direct questions or inquiries to Chris Taylor, Director of Land Arts of the American West at Texas Tech.