Rest stop mid travel exercise, 12 October 2015. Photo by Chris Taylor.

Syllabi + Program Materials



  1. Maria Amador, architect, PhD candidate in Seville, Spain.
  2. Jef Biesinger, environments designer and artist in Chicago.
  3. Wills Brewer, artist based in Los Angeles.
  4. Talia Brown, writer/artist, Hampshire College graduate.
  5. Christoffer Eide, artist from Oslo, Norway.
  6. Meghan Giles, poet/writer, PhD candidate at Texas Tech.
  7. Joshua Haunschild, artist/photographer with MFA from Arizona State University.
  8. Penelope Leggett, landscape architect with BLA from UC Berkeley.
  9. Amber Noyola, architecture, M Arch candidate at Texas Tech. 
  • Phil Jackson, photographer and builder based in Austin, TX (Program Assistant)
  • Chris Taylor, architect and associate professor at Texas Tech (Program Director)

Field Guests